Kuler Theme Manual


SHX Kuler Themes is a free device in Second LifeĀ® that makes use of the wonderful freely available Color Themes from Adobe Kuler Themes

Most SHX devices have a built-in receiver, so you can change color on all equipment with just one touch.

Kuler is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated, we make use the name for clearity that it makes use of the same color format.
SHX is not affliated with Adobe SystemsĀ®


Usage is simple, rez the SHX-Kuler-Themes, click the left or right block to scroll through color themes,
click the middle block to bring up a menu to apply the color.

For SHX devices, it makes use of the SRW channel.
By changing the channel on equipment, you can make groups of devices.

To apply a color theme on a group of devices on a different channel, just touch the middle block of the Kuler and change the channel with the [Channel] menu.


Modifying Color Themes

To add, remove or modify color themes, rightclick and edit the Kuler device, then doubleclick the colorthemes notecard.
Colors are stored in HEX-Triplet format, commonly used in HTML and of course also used by the Adobe Kuler Themes

Format:  Name, color 1, color 2, base color, color 4, color 5
ie: Times Changing,332532,644D52,F77A52,FF974F,A49A87

using # leaders is ok too, (as in: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colors)
ie: Times Changing,#332532,#644D52,#F77A52,#FF974F,#A49A87


Using Kuler for your own builds

A full mod API is included, which you can apply to your own builds or products.
Use it freely, you can also distribute the SHX-Kuler-Themes with your products if you want.