SRC Radiostations

Click here for the Radiolist generator


A Radiostation list is part of the Receivers/Radios and can be accessed by clicking on the [Radio] button in the menu dialog. The list that is offered, is stored in a notecard in the contents of your product and is called: !shx-sr-radiolist (or Radiolist).

The Radiostations list can be sorted by music genre, can have at approximately between 80 to 120 stations (depending on the amount of data), have a linked station logo and be of any valid streamtype.

An example list is supplied with the purchase of your Receiver, but is of course up to you to maintain. However, the example list is a list of stations that have been maintained by us since 2006 and is updated monthly. So the list is pretty reliable; The problem is that the availability of radiostations and reliability of the supplied URL at any moment from various sources are prone to changes.

You can pickup an updated Radiolist from our store or from the generator on our site. There are seperate cards for the normal and X255 types, since the latter deviates with imagery (white background).

Default Radio Station
Note that the first entry in the Radiolist is the station that will be used to switch back to, when the current station, url or DJ stream fails 10 sequential times or reports to be offline. So make sure the first station is reliable. You can also opt to turn this option off in the configuration.


Finding a radiostation using a SHX Remote Control

Absolutely the easiest way to find a radiostation is to use a remote control that works together with any SRN/SRC type of receiver and has the ability to search radio stations. Some types are able to search radiostations on a keyword you enter in chat and you have the option to automatically set it when found. There is no need to enter the station into the notecard, unless you want to.


How to add to the radiolist (This is updated for 4.1 SRC, 4.2 SRN, 2.3 SPR)

Updated radiolist parser
On newer versions of radios/receivers you can just set a url on a line, or a name with a url. It's no longer strict on the syntax.
Furthermore, the previous mandatory streamtype has been removed.
This concerns version 4.1 for SRC, 4.2 for SRN and 2.3 for the SPR (might not have been released yet)

To add a stream url in your SHX radio/receiver radiolist, add a line like this:
Love Songs Florida Plus|Romantic||92c467cd-05e7-7ef5-56e5-980ce0c775d1

Above line has a syntax as follows:

<Button/StationName>|<GenreName>|<Stream Address URL>|<Image UUID (optional)>|<Stream #SID (optional)>

If you are unable to type the vertical pipeline sign: | copy and paste it from previous entries. ( normally it's SHIFT-\ )

  1. Buttonname (not larger than 24 characters), this is the button you see in the radio menu of the board
  2. Music Genre name (not larger than 24 characters), used for grouping stations (can be filtered with the menu of the board)
  3. Stream Address: the full URL of the music stream
  4. Image UUID: is shown on the board. Fetch an image UUID by rightclicking an image in your inventory and select: Copy Asset UUID, then paste with CTRL-V
  5. Stream # is the number or SID of the SHOUTcast2 stream. If you omit the value, it will default to stream #1

Things to remember:

  • Keep the station name short, so it displays allright on the buttons. Preferably less then 12 characters.
  • The image uuid is optional, but when using a specific SID, do not omit the (double) separator sign: |
  • The Genre (3rd parameter) is used for filtering stations per genre (using the [Genre] button).
  • Always start the url with http://
  • Relay stations, like soma or aol, do not give out information that can be displayed in Second Life. They will produce music of course, but the board is not able to display the songs. In most cases there is an alternative address, which usually can be found when using one of the SHX remote controls (since they filter out the relays).


Adding your own station Image

Most stations that are default in the radiolist as an example already have an image added, which will be displayed when you select the radio station.

If you have added your own favorite station, you might want to add the image of the station too.

  1. Since the background of the SRC receiver is black, it is best to get a caption of the station image and put it on a black background, with for instance Photoshop. Then resize the texture to 512x512 or 256x256 (better) and export it as a TGA/PNG file. Or use a transparent image.
  2. Import it into Second Life, with the "Upload Texture" function under the File pulldown menu in the Second Life viewer. (CTRL-U in firestorm)
  3. Rightclick the texture that is now in your inventory, in your textures folder and select: "COPY ASSET UUID" (In firestorm you have a button for that)
  4. The image uuid (key) is now copied to the clipboard, open the Radiolist and press CTRL-V to paste the key from the clipboard, behind the radiolist entry.


Reloading the Radiolist

If you changed the radiolist and want to reload it (without having to restart the SRC/SRN receiver), do the following:

  • Open the menu by touching the receiver
  • Click on [Manager]
  • Click on the "Radiolist" button
  • The radiolist will be reloaded